Taxi cab service in East Los Angeles


Do you need to move around the East Los Angeles area? We are here to help you! Our taxi cab service company will ensure you get the quality and comfort you deserve on every ride. Our years of experience and our level of commitment to our customers are all the proof you need to believe we are the best in East Los Angeles. Book a taxi cab with us today and try our exceptional service. We will offer you the best experience in each one of your journeys with us, you won’t regret traveling with us!

You won’t be disappointed, book online or by phone to get the best taxi cab service in town!

Why choose us over other taxi companies

Our taxi service in East Los Angeles is the best in town without a doubt, but why? We take ownership of our passengers’ satisfaction and offer you everything you need to enjoy the ride in one of our vehicles:

• Polite drivers who will give you the exceptional service you deserve.
• Air conditioning in all our vehicles so you don’t have to worry about the weather.
• Roomy and comfy vehicles.
• Quick and direct routes to your destination.
• No broken promises: what we offer is what you get!
• Taxi drivers who are well aware of traffic laws and taxi regulations, and follow them to the letter.
• Smoke and incense free cars.
• Clean vehicles all the time. Our cars are always impeccable, no matter when you book your service.
• No secrets: you have the right to know the driver’s registration and taxi cab number.
• Convenience on every step of the journey, including your payment.
• Several booking options.
• Punctuality

Taxi cab services in the East Los Angeles area

Do you need to go to a meeting or a night out with friends? Our taxi cab service is exactly what you are looking for. We know driving can be stressful, so we offer you a taxi cab service that will allow you to put all that stress in the past. By booking our services, you need not worry about problems with other drivers or about rushing to your destination. What you need in a taxi cab service is convenience, we provide that for you! We will pick you up anywhere in town and get you to where you need to be on time!

Many people find maps complicated and stressful; GPS apps are no better since they tend to distract the driver, which increases the risk of getting into a car accident. Let our drivers decide the best route to your destination. All our taxi drivers are familiar with the East Los Angeles area and will be able to choose the best and quickest way to get to your destination. By taking all this stress away from you, you will be able to relax and enjoy your journey!

Our taxi service is available in the following areas

East Los Angeles
Boyle Heights
Los Angeles
El Sereno
City Terrace
Airport Taxi Cab
Taxi in 90022, 90023, 90033, 90058, 90063

Taxi Cab in 90022 by Montebello Taxi 323-302-2288

Our cars, all recent sedan models, will offer the room you need to be comfortable during your ride. All cars are well maintained and kept clean at all times; every time you use our taxi cab service, you will encounter a car in impeccable conditions. We also offer air conditioning since the moment you get into the car; and because we worry about the health of our customers, all our vehicles are smoke and incense free! With all these amenities, who wouldn’t be able to sit back and relax? You do the booking, we will do the driving.

Because your time matters, we guarantee you will arrive to your destination on time. We also ensure you won’t get there in a rush. It doesn’t matter what time of event you need to attend, we will never be late to pick you up and you will never arrive late or rushed. Plus, all our taxi drivers respect traffic laws and will not speed during our journey.

Worried about the high prices you normally pay for a good taxi cab service? East Los Angeles taxi cab service has the best rates in town. We care about your economy, that’s why we offer the best quality service at affordable rates. We also put at your disposition several payment methods, including credit card, so you will be able to choose the most convenient for you. We are proud of our services and want everyone to be able to enjoy them!

From the moment we pick you up, to the moment you get out of the car, you will enjoy the best taxi cab service in town. Give us a chance to prove how good our service is, you will not regret it! Call any time 323-302-2288

Taxi cab service in East Los Angeles

Our cab drivers are #1 in the area.

Unlike other taxi cab services, we do not hire anyone without putting them to the test with our strict recruitment process. This process allows us to hire only the best people and guarantee your safety at all times. With our drivers, you will never have to worry about rudeness and mistreatments again. Our exceptional service is what sets us apart from other taxi cab services in town. We also make sure our drivers know the area, so they will be capable of choosing the best route to get to your destination on time.

If you have lived in the city for a long time, you have probably seen a taxi driver deliberately ignore a traffic sign at least once. Our drivers know and respect traffic laws, you need not worry about getting stopped for a speeding ticket or any other kind of rule violation. We want to provide you with a stress free journey, and this is only one of the many ways in which we achieve our goal.

Our passenger’s trust is one of the key elements in our success. You will find our entire team is made up of professional and reliable people. As a plus, we will not hesitate to let you know your driver’s registration and taxi cab number, all you have to do is ask.

Honesty is also one of our key values. None of our drivers will try to overcharge you or take an “alternate” route to elevate your rate. Punctuality is another key value for us, we cannot stress this enough: you will never be late if you rely on us to take you to your destination. We are fully committed to our customers and will never let you leave the car with a frown upon your face!

Why choose East Los Angeles taxi cab services?

Our many years in business have given us valuable knowledge about customer preferences; we have put all this knowledge to use by making sure your needs are satisfied every time you travel with us. Our taxi drivers will give you the treatment you deserve and will make sure everything you need is at your disposition.

With the best cars, several payment and booking options, and quality service, we guarantee you will have the journey of your life! Book our services now, you will not regret it!

You, as the passenger, are the key to our success; that is why we guarantee you will have a pleasant journey.

Our East Los Angeles taxi service is  way better than Uber

Uber’s popularity has made it many people’s first choice. What these people ignore is that East Los Angeles taxi cab services has even more advantages. Our drivers, for instance, are professionals and not just part-time people driving cars on their free time. Our strict recruitment process includes background checks and tests that ensure our drivers are apt for driving, reliable and capable of keeping you safe at all times. Plus, we do not require our drivers to use an app that will cause them distractions while they are driving; thus, we minimize the possibilities of getting into a car accident.

Do you need a taxi cab in East Los Angeles?

Make East Los Angeles taxi cab services your first choice! Our service is the best in the area and we will make sure you get a stress free journey each and every time you call us. If you’d like to book our services, you can:

• Go online: visit our website and book a taxi cab now.
• Call us: at 323-302-2288 and try the best taxi cab service in town!

We are always ready to drive you, we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Call any time 323-302-2288